Safe and delicious fish to your table! Sakamoto Feeds looks at the diet and your health through feeds.


We believe that the quality and the safety of the feeds ingredients affect greatly not only farmed fish quality and safety but also fish farming business itself. So we established fishmeal freshness (quality) standards and promise the feed’s real quality which can’t be seen from the content figures. Our feeds are produced at our ISO feed plant approved to ISO9001:2015, leading to the safety and the quality improvement of fish.

In addition, the environment-friendly aquaculture with dry pellets further enhances the customer’s awareness and understanding of farmed fish, contributing greatly to the stable development of the fish farming.

Lineup of Fish Feeds

Fish Species
Type of Feed

Sea Water

Yellowtail, Red Sea Bream, Amber Jack,

Jack Mackerel, Others

Larva EP(Extruded Pellet) Crumble
Fry EP, EP Crumble

EP, DP(Dry Pellet),

DP Crumble, Mash

Fresh Water

Carp, Trout, Sweet Fish, Others

Larva EP Crumble, Mash

EP, EP Crumble, DP,

DP Crumble, Mash

Grower DP, EP, EP Crumble, DP Crumble